Why Gardens From Earth?

 Soil, or earth, is a living medium, teaming with life and full of the nutrients needed to sustain life. We need to grow our gardens in earth, not in dirt. 

What makes our plants different?

We use only products that are environmentally friendly, safe for our family, and approved for use by Certified Naturally Grown standards. The seeds we choose are organic whenever possible and always untreated (no fungicides or insecticides). We do not do business with companies that offer genetically modified products.

We grow open-pollinated varieties of vegetables (the one exception being Silver Queen corn), many of which are heirlooms. We believe that home gardeners play an important part in preserving many of the unique varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are being threatened by our current national system of agriculture, which focuses on large plantings of single crops designed for efficient harvest and long-distance transport.

We grow familiar favorites. In our own garden, we have varieties that we have come to love and so plant them every year. We choose to share those varieties by including them in our garden packages. We also try a few new things every year to add some interest to the garden.

Why Local Plants?

Many commercial nurseries use poisonous pesticides to control insects and diseases in their greenhouses. Planting stock can come from all over the country, and from other countries, to be finished by the nursery. “Big box” stores sell plants from all over the country which have been proven to cause catastrophic damage to local communities.

In 2008, tomato plants infected with late blight were shipped from southern states to “big box” stores and garden centers throughout the northeast. With many home gardeners planting these tomatoes in their home gardens and the cool, wet weather patterns that year the late blight spores traveled up to 40 miles at a time on the weather currents and infected tomatoes throughout the northeast in a way that had never happened before. Home gardeners saw the impact, but many farmers lost entire tomato crops. When you make purchases, you are deciding who gets to eat that night; will it be your neighbor, or will it be the CEO from a multinational corporation?

It is important to buy local plants for many of the same reasons it is important to buy local food. You can know how the plants are produced when you know your farmer, and make your choice which kind of agriculture you wish to support. Supporting local farmers supports your neighbors and your community’s economy, which can then support you! In addition, local plants will be fully acclimatized to your growing region, increasing the likelihood of a successful garden.

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